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About me - 

Hi, my name is Aaron, I began my journey into the world of bodywork in 1993 training as a fitness instructor learning various fitness-related subjects including anatomy and physiology. I quickly became fascinated with the mechanics of the human body and how to nurture and support it.

Alongside this, I studied Swedish massage, my first hands on bodywork. Having had an interest in Tae Kwon Do for many years, it wasn’t long before someone suggested I try Shiatsu. 

Shiatsu opened my eyes to a completely new way of practising, and I fell in love with Chinese medicine. Treating the body as a whole, physically, energetically and more recently with an understanding of how to help people regulate the nervous system through Somatic Experiencing. 

In 2003 I started to learn to meditate, it’s been a significant part of my landing and growing as a therapist, something I am passionate about to this day. 

I meditate daily and regularly do 10day silent retreats, it is a major part of who I am and something I have been teaching within my role as a senior therapist in a residential treatment centre.

Since 2009 I have been part of a team of therapists working within a residential treatment centre, helping people with mental health issues, addictions ranging from eating disorders to drug & alcohol issues

My role was originally as a health care assistant then a Shiatsu practitioner, this quickly grew into a love of helping people to feel safe. My role developed and in time I became a senior therapist, specialising in addiction and trauma.  In 2017 I began the study of Somatic Experiencing and have found it to be an amazing tool in helping people to learn to self-regulate.

Somatic Experiencing has become a life changing understanding of how the nervous system works. The treatment of trauma patterns is my passion, my main focus is helping people feel safe and at home in their own bodies which helps them to fully integrate and settle.

Since graduating as a Somatic Experience Practitioner I assist on Somatic experiencing trainings as I find it incredibly beneficial, endlessly deepening my understanding.

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