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Image by Donnie Ray Crisp

Somatic Experiencing

A Natural Way to Heal


Somatic Experiencing is a holistic approach that helps individuals release and overcome the effects of trauma by focusing on the body’s natural healing abilities. It empowers people to build resilience, reconnect with their bodies, and move towards a brighter, more balanced state of well-being.

Somatic Experiencing has become a life changing understanding of how the nervous system works. The treatment of trauma patterns is my passion, my main focus is helping people feel safe and at home in their own bodies which helps them to fully integrate and settle.

Since graduating as a Somatic Experience Practitioner I assist on multiple Somatic experiencing training as I find it incredibly beneficial, endlessly deepening my understanding.

I offer 1 hour sessions, online or face to face in Folkestone, Kent.


If you would like to book a 15 minute free discovery call, contact me using the form below.


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